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assessment-absorbing-aerosol-austral-spring.pdf.jpg2019Assessment of absorbing aerosols on austral spring snow albedo reduction by several basins in the Central Andes of Chile from daily satellite observations (2000–2016) and a case study with the WRF‑Chem modelBolaño Ortiz, Tomás R. ; Pascual Flores, Romina M. ; López‑Noreña, Ana Isabel ; Ruggeri, María F. ; Lakkis, Susan Gabriela ; Fernández, Rafael Pedro ; Puliafito, Salvador E. 
relationship-between-scm-business.pdf.jpg2019The relationship between SCM and business strategy : a Delphi study in Latin AmericaArredondo, Carlos Raul ; Alfaro-Tanco, José Antonio 
spray-dried-ancellota-red-wine.jpg.jpg2019Spray-dried Ancellotta red wine : natural colorant with potential for food applicationsÁlvarez Gaona, Izmari Jasel ; Fanzone, Martín ; Sari, Santiago ; Assof, Mariela ; Pérez, Dolores ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara 
learning-optics-from-history.pdf.jpg2019Learning optics from the historyRepossi, Patricia del Valle 
application-tropospheric-sulfate-aerosol.pdf.jpg2019Application of tropospheric sulfate aerosol emissions to mitigate meteorological phenomena with extremely high daily temperaturesMulena, Gabriela C. ; Puliafito, Salvador E. ; Lakkis, Susan Gabriela 
4d-feature-tracking-algorithm.pdf.jpg2018A 4D feature-tracking algorithm : a multidimensional view of cyclone systemsLakkis, Susan Gabriela ; Canziani, Pablo ; Rocamora, Leandro ; Caferri, Agustin ; Yuchechen, Adrián ; Hodges, Kevin ; O'Neill, Alan 
ideas-sensibles-merleau-ponty.pdf.jpg2018Las ideas sensibles entre Merleau-Ponty y ProustBuceta, Martín M. 
physicochemical-properties-bioactive-compounds.pdf.jpg2019Physicochemical properties and bioactive compounds content in encapsulated freeze-dried powders obtained from blueberry, elderberry, blackcurrant and maqui berryBusso Casati, Carolina ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sanchez, Virginia Estela 
chemical-characterization-encapsulated-red.pdf.jpg2018Chemical characterization of an encapsulated red wine powder and its effects on neuronal cellsRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; de Pascual-Teresa, Sonia 
one-transistor-one-resistor.jpg.jpg2018One-transistor one-resistor (1T1R) cell for large-area electronicsGhenzi, N. ; Rozenberg, M. ; Pietrobon, L. ; Llopis, R. ; Gay, R. ; Beltrán, M. ; Knez, M. ; Hueso, L. ; Stoliar, P. 
hidrografia-cuenca-rio-tecka.pdf.jpg2017Hidrografía de la cuenca del río Tecka–Gualjaina, Chubut, ArgentinaTorrero, Mariana Paula 
smart-medical-beds-in.pdf.jpg2018Smart medical beds in patient-care environments of the twenty-first century : a state-of-art surveyGhersi, Ignacio ; Mariño, M. ; Miralles, Mónica Teresita 
quinta-evaluacion-genotipos-esparrago.pdf.jpg2016Quinta evaluación de genotipos de espárrago en invernadero y respuesta a técnicas de envasadoGiménez Azara C. ; Castagnino, Ana María ; Díaz, Karina Elizabeth ; Tarantino, M. B. ; Rogers, W. J. 
convective-heat-transfer-coefficients.PDF.jpg2018Convective heat transfer coefficients of open and closed Cryotop® systems under different warming conditionsSantos, María V. ; Sansiñena, Marina Julia ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zaritzky, Noemí 
time-intensity-reaction-time.pdf.jpg2018Time-intensity and reaction-time methodology applied to the dynamic perception and liking of bitterness in relation to body mass indexLeón Bianchi, L. ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; García Burgos, David ; Zamora, María Clara 
lie-bialgebra-structures-on.pdf.jpg2018Lie bialgebra structures on 2-step nilpotent graph algebrasFarinati, Marco A. ; Jancsay, Alejandra Patricia 
kinetics-water-sorption-sugar.pdf.jpg2017Kinetics of water sorption and sugar crystallization in freeze-dried bananas previously immersed in concentrated sucrose and trehalose solutionIglesias, Héctor ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Díaz Barrios, Luis F. ; Chirife, Jorge 
examining-influence-meteorological-lakkis.pdf.jpg2016Examining the influence of meteorological simulations forced by different initial and boundary conditions in volcanic ash dispersion modellingMulena, Gabriela C. ; Allende, David ; Puliafito, Salvador E. ; Lakkis, Susan Gabriela ; Cremades, Pablo G. ; Ulke, Ana G. 
somatic-cell-nuclear-transfer.pdf.jpg2011Somatic cell nuclear transfer : history, future and potential application in the bubaline speciesSansiñena, Marina Julia 
understanding-apple-consumers-expectations.pdf.jpg2012Understanding apple consumers' expectations in terms of likes and dislikes : use of comment analysis in a cross-cultural studyGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Symoneaux, R. ; Chollet, S. ; Zamora, María Clara 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 109