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application-hedonic-dynamics-using.pdf.jpg2016Application of hedonic dynamics using multiplesip temporal-liking and facial expression for evaluation of a new beverageRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; García Burgos, David ; Munsch, Simone 
aromatic-profiles-spray-dried-orange.pdf.jpg2008Aromatic profiles of spray-dried encapsulated orange flavours : influence of matrix composition on the aroma retention evaluated by sensory analysis and electronic nose techniquesGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Baby, R. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Mesina, V. 
chemical-characterization-encapsulated-red.pdf.jpg2018Chemical characterization of an encapsulated red wine powder and its effects on neuronal cellsRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; de Pascual-Teresa, Sonia 
comparison-karl-fischer-refractometric-method.pdf.jpg2010Comparison between Karl Fischer and refractometric method for detemination of moisture in honeySánchez, Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Ciappini, C. ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
comparison-viscosity-trehalose.pdf.jpg2011Comparison of the viscosity of trehalose and sucrose solutions at various temperatures: Effect of guar gum additionGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sánchez, Virginia Estela ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
consumers-aceptance-high-polyphenol.pdf.jpg2014Consumers' acceptance of a high-polyphenol yerba mate / black currant beverage: effect of repeated tastingOrjuela Palacio, J. M. ; Zamora, María Clara ; Lanari, M. C. 
convenience-sampling-acceptabiblity.pdf.jpg2015Convenience sampling for acceptability and cata measurements may provide inaccurate results : a case study with fruit-flavored powdered beverages tested in Argentina, Spain and U.S.A.Cardinal, Paula ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chambers, Edgar ; Carbonell Barrachina, Ángel ; Hough, Guillermo 
could-time-intensity-trained.pdf.jpg2015Could time-intensity by a trained panel be replaced with a progressive profile done by consumers? A case on chewing-gumGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Symoneaux, R. ; Visalli, Michel ; Zamora, María Clara ; Schlich, Pascal 
determination-correlation-water.pdf.jpg2008Determination and correlation of the water activity of unsaturated, supersaturated and saturated trehalose solutionsGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; Pérez, A. 
determination-water-activity-crystallization-honeys.pdf.jpg2006Determination of water activity change due to crystallization in honeys from ArgentinaZamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
drying-encapsulation.pdf.jpg2017Drying/encapsulation of red wine to produce ingredients for healthy foodsÁlvarez Gaona, Izmari Jasel ; Rocha Parra, Diego F. ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
efecto-sobre-especies-reactivas.pdf.jpg2017Efecto sobre las especies reactivas de oxigeno (ROS) de desalcoholizados de vino tinto y sidra en una linea celular neuronal SH-SY5YRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; Veses, Ana ; de Pascual-Teresa, Sonia 
effect-environmental-daily-temperature-fluctuations.pdf.jpg2007Effect of environmental daily temperature fluctuations over one year storage on the prediction of non-enzymatic browning in reduced-moisture foods stored at “ambient” temperatureBaeza, Rosa ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; Mielnicki, Diana 
effect-ethanol-level.pdf.jpg2009Effect of ethanol level in the perception of aroma attributes and the detection of volatile compounds in red wineGoldner, María Cristina ; Zamora, María Clara ; Di Leo Lira, Paola ; Gianninoto, Hernando ; Bandoni, Arnaldo 
effect_polyphenol.pdf.jpg2010Effect of polyphenol concentrations on astringency perception and its correlation with gelatin index of red wineGoldner, María Cristina ; Zamora, María Clara 
estudio-preliminar-secado-spray-vino.PDF.jpg2016Estudio preliminar del secado spray de vino tinto Cabernet SauvignonÁlvarez, Izmari Jasel ; Bater, Caterina ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
evaluation-norrish-equation-correlating-water.pdf.jpg2010Evaluation of Norrish's equation for correlating the water activity of highly concentrated solutions of sugars, polyols and polyethylene glycolsBaeza, Rosa ; Pérez, Adriana ; Sánchez, Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
exploring-hedonic-incentive.pdf.jpg2014Exploring the hedonic and incentive properties in preferences for bitter foods via self-reports, facial expressions and instrumental behavioursGarcía Burgos, David ; Zamora, María Clara 
facial-effective-reactions-bitter.pdf.jpg2013Facial affective reactions to bitter-tasting foods and body mass index in adultsZamora, María Clara ; García Burgos, David 
freeze-drying-encapsulation.pdf.jpg2013Freeze-drying encapsulation of red wine polyphenols in an amorphous matrix of maltodextrinSánchez, Virginia Estela ; Baeza, Rosa ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge