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deep-learning-based-approach.pdf.jpg2022A deep learning-based approach to model anomalous diffusion of membrane proteins: the case of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptorBuena Maizon, Héctor ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
mirror-code-protein-cholesterol.pdf.jpg2016A mirror code for protein cholesterol interactions in the two leaflets of biological membranesFantini, Jacques ; Di Scala, Coralie ; Evans, Luke S. ; Williamson, Philip, T. F. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
anandamide-revisited.pdf.jpg2018Anandamide revisited : how cholesterol and ceramides control receptor-dependent and receptor-independent signal transmission pathways of a lipid neurotransmitterDi Scala, Coralie ; Fantini, Jacques ; Yahi, Nouara ; Barrantes, Francisco José ; Chahinian, Henri 
antibody-induced-acetylcholine.pdf.jpg2013Antibody-induced acetylcholine receptor clusters inhabit liquid-ordered and liquid-disordered domainsKamerbeek, Constanza B. ; Borroni, María Virginia ; Pediconi, María F. ; Sato, Satoshi B. ; Kobayashi, Toshihide ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
antibody-induced.pdf.jpg2020Antibody-induced crosslinking and cholesterol-sensitive, anomalous diffusion of nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsMosqueira, Alejo ; Camino, Pablo A. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
thumb.jpg.jpg2023Apolipoprotein E4 heterologous expression, purification under non-denaturing conditions, and effects on neuronal clonal cell linesSerrano, Ezequiel ; Barrantes, Francisco José ; Valdivieso, Ángel Gabriel 
application-artificial-intelligence.pdf.jpg2020Application of artificial intelligence strategies to the analysis of neurotransmitter receptor dynamics in living cellsDelmont, Ignacio ; Buena Maizon, Héctor ; Mosqueira, Alejo ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
autoinmmune-attack-neuromuscular-junction.jpg.jpg2019Autoimmune attack of the neuromuscular junction in myasthenia gravis : nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and other targetsPaz, Mariela ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
cell-surface-translational dynamics.pdf.jpg2014Cell-surface translational dynamics of nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsBarrantes, Francisco José 
central-nervous-system-targets.pdf.jpg2020Central nervous system targets and routes for SARS-CoV-2 : current views and new hypothesesBarrantes, Francisco José 
chaperoning-neuronal-nicotinic.pdf.jpg2012Chaperoning α7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsVallés, Ana Sofía ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
cholesterol-modulates-acetylcholine-receptor.pdf.jpg2018Cholesterol modulates acetylcholine receptor diffusion by tuning confinement sojourns and nanocluster stabilityMosqueira, Alejo ; Camino, Pablo A. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
cholesterol-recognition-motifs-membrane.jpg.jpg2019Cholesterol-recognition motifs in membrane proteinsBarrantes, Francisco José ; Fantini, Jacques ; Epand, Richard M. 
cholesterol-recognizing-amino.pdf.jpg2022Cholesterol-recognizing amino acid consensus motifs in transmembrane proteins: Comparative analysis of in silico studies and structural dataAzzaz, Fodil ; Chahinian, Henri ; Yahi, Nouara ; Di Scala, Coralie ; Baier, Carlos J. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
covid-19-neurological-sequelae.pdf.jpg2022COVID-19 and neurological sequelae: Vitamin D as a possible neuroprotective and/or neuroreparative agentMenéndez, Sebastián García ; Martín Giménez, Virna Margarita ; Holick, Michael F. ; Barrantes, Francisco José ; Manucha, Walter 
thumb.jpg.jpg2019Damage and repair of the axolemmal membrane: from neural development to axonal trauma and restorationQuintá, Héctor R. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
deficits-cholinergic-neurotransmission.pdf.jpg2016Deficits in cholinergic neurotransmission and their clinical correlates in Parkinson’s diseasePérez Lloret, Santiago ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
dendritic-spine-embrane.pdf.jpg2022Dendritic spine membrane proteome and its alterations in autistic spectrum disorderVallés, Ana Sofía ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
cover.jpg.jpg2016Diacylglycerol levels modulate the cellular distribution of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptorKamerbeek, Constanza B. ; Mateos, Melina V. ; Vallés, Ana Sofía ; Pediconi, María F. ; Barrantes, Francisco José ; Borroni, María Virginia 
disclosure-cholesterol-recognition-motifs.pdf.jpg2011Disclosure of cholesterol recognition motifs in transmembrane domains of the human nicotinic acetylcholine receptorBaier, Carlos J. ; Fantini, Jacques ; Barrantes, Francisco José