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time-learn-time-teach.pdf.jpg2016A time to learn, a time to teachCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Golombek, Diego A. 
access-electric-light-associated.pdf.jpg2020Access to electric light is associated with delays of the dim light melatonin onset in a traditionally hunter-gatherer Toba/Qom communityCasiraghi, Leandro P. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Fernández-Duque, Eduardo ; Valeggia, Claudia ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Iglesia, Horacio O. de la 
actigrafia-como-herramienta-diagnostica.pdf.jpg2018La actigrafía como herramienta diagnósticaBellone, Giannina J. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Golombek, Diego A. 
alterations-metabolism-diurnal-rythms.pdf.jpg2018Alterations in metabolism and diurnal rhythms following bilateral surgical removal of the superior cervical ganglia in ratsMul Fedele, Malena L. ; Galiana, María D. ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Muñoz, Estela M. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés 
alterations-metabolism-diurnal-rythms.pdf.jpg2016Assessing the efficacy of melatonin to curtail benzodiazepine/Z drugabuseCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Rosenstein, Ruth E. ; Brusco, Luis I. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
chronic-circadian-desynchronization.pdf.jpg2023Chronic circadian desynchronization of feeding-fasting rhythm generates alterations in daily glycemia, LDL cholesterolemia and microbiota composition in miceTrebucq, Laura Lucía ; Lamberti, Melisa Luciana ; Rota, Rosana ; Borio, Cristina ; Bilen, Marcos ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Chiesa, Juan José 
cronic-jet-lag.pdf.jpg2023Chronic jet lag reduces motivation and affects other mood-related behaviors in male miceAcosta, Julieta ; Crespo, Manuel T. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José ; Agostino, Patricia V. 
circadian-metabolic-effects-light.pdf.jpg2017Circadian and metabolic effects of light : implications in weight homeostasis and healthPlano, Santiago Andrés ; Casiraghi, Leandro P. ; García Moro, Paula ; Paladino, Natalia ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José 
thumb.jpg.jpg2021Circadian disruption induced by tumor development in a murine model of melanomaAiello, Ignacio ; Mul Fedele, Malena Lis ; Román, Fernanda Ruth ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Paladino, Natalia 
circadian-rhythms-bacterial-sepsis.pdf.jpg2021Circadian rhythms in bacterial sepsis pathology : what we know and what we should knowMul Fedele, Malena Lis ; Senna, Camila Agustina ; Aiello, Ignacio ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Paladino, Natalia 
comparative-analysis-actigraphy-performance.pdf.jpg2016Comparative analysis of actigraphy performance in healthy young subjectsBellone, Giannina J. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Golombek, Diego A. 
coping-antartic-demand-psychological.pdf.jpg2020Coping with Antarctic demands : Psychological implications of isolation and confinementTortello, Camila ; Folgueira, Agustín ; Nicolas, Michel ; Cuiuli, Juan Manuel ; Cairoli, Germán ; Crippa, Valeria ; Barbarito, Marta ; Abulafia, Carolina Andrea ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Plano, Santiago Andrés 
cysteine-oxidation-promotes-dimerization.pdf.jpg2022Cysteine oxidation promotes dimerization/oligomerization of circadian protein periodBaidanoff, Fernando Martín ; Trebucq, Laura Lucía ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Eaton, Phillip ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José 
from-ruler-smartphone-task.pdf.jpg2019From the ruler to the smartphone tasks applied to identify sleep deprivationBellone, Giannina J. ; Mul Fedele, Malena L. ; Abulafia, Carolina Andrea ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
hours-service-regulations-professional.jpg.jpg2018Hours of service regulations for professional drivers in continental Latin AmericaSimonelli, Guido ; Bellone, Giannina J. ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Glozier, Nick ; Capaldi, Vincent F. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Kryger, Meir H. 
binge-eating disorder-circadian.pdf.jpg2022Is the binge-eating disorder a circadian disorder?Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Soneira, Sebastián ; Tortello, Camila ; Golombek, Diego A. 
psychological-adaptation-extreme.pdf.jpg2018Psychological adaptation to extreme environments : Antarctica as a space analogueTortello, Camila ; Barbarito, Marta ; Cuiuli, Juan Manuel ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Plano, Santiago Andrés 
redox-antioxidant-modulation-circadian.pdf.jpg2021Redox and antioxidant modulation of circadian rhythms : Effects of nitroxyl, N-acetylcysteine and glutathionePlano, Santiago Andrés ; Baidanoff, Fernando Martín ; Trebucq, Laura Lucía ; Suárez, Sebastián Ángel ; Doctorovich, Fabio ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José 
role-substrate-no-cgmp-pkg.pdf.jpg2021Role of G-substrate in the NO/cGMP/PKG signal transduction pathway for photic entrainment of the hamster circadian clockPlano, Santiago Andrés ; Alessandro, María Soledad ; Trebucq, Laura Lucía ; Endo, Shogo ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José 
school-characteristics-child-work.pdf.jpg2014School characteristics, child work, and other daily activities as sleep deficit predictors in adolescents from households with unsatisfied basic needsVigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Simonelli, Guido ; Tuñón, Ianina ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Golombek, Diego A.