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Título : Coping with Antarctic demands : Psychological implications of isolation and confinement
Autor : Tortello, Camila 
Folgueira, Agustín 
Nicolas, Michel 
Cuiuli, Juan Manuel 
Cairoli, Germán 
Crippa, Valeria 
Barbarito, Marta 
Abulafia, Carolina Andrea 
Golombek, Diego A. 
Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
Plano, Santiago Andrés 
Fecha de publicación : 2020
Editorial : Wiley
Cita : Tortello, C., Folgueira, A., Nicolas, M., Cuiuli, J. M., Cairoli, G., Crippa, V., Barbarito, M., Abulafia, C. A., Golombek, D. A., Vigo, D. E., Plano, S. A.Coping with Antarctic demands : Psychological implications of isolation and confinement [en línea]. Stress And Health. 2020, 1(11). Doi: 10.1002/smi.3006. Disponible en:
Proyecto: Cronobiología del aislamiento antártico: la utilización de la Base Belgrano II como modelo de desincronización biológica y análogo espacial 
Resumen : Abstract: Working in extreme environments requires a wide range of cognitive, psychological and social competences. Antarctica represents one of the most challenging habitats to work in due to its aridity, extremely cold weather, and isolated conditions. This study aimed to assess mood variations and coping strategies, as well as their possible modulation by group dynamics in a crew at the Belgrano II Argentine Antarctic Station throughout 1 year of confinement. Thirteen members of the Argentine Army completed emotional, coping and social dynamics questionnaires bimonthly in March, May, July, September and November. Results showed a significant decline in social dynamics scales, evidenced by decreases in perceived peer and hierarchical support. Additionally, coping strategies displayed a drop in mature defence throughout the expedition. A positive correlation was found between social support and recovery from stress. Our results highlight the importance of interpersonal relationships in psychological adjustment to isolation and extreme environments.
Cobertura Espacial: Antártida
ISSN : 1532-2998 (on line)
Disciplina: PSICOLOGIA
DOI: 10.1002/smi.3006
Derechos: Acceso abierto
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