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2020All polarization-maintaining passively modelocked ytterbium-doped fiber lasers, behavior under two different cavity configurationsCuadrado-Laborde, Christian ; Carrascosa, Antonio ; Diez, Antonio ; Cruz, J. L. ; Andrés, M. V. 
kate-bacterial-plant-pathogen.pdf.jpg2020KatE from the bacterial plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum is a monofunctional catalase controlled by HrpG that plays a major role in bacterial survival to hydrogen peroxideTondo, María Laura ; de Pedro Jové, Roger ; Vandecaveye, Agustina ; Piskulic, Laura ; Orellano, Elena G. ; Valls, Marc 
prospects-cadmium-contaminated-water.pdf.jpg2021Prospects in cadmium-contaminated water : Management using free-living Cyanobacteria (Oscillatoria sp.)Carralero Bon, Iván ; Salvatierra, Lucas Matías ; Lario, Luciana Daniela ; Morató Farreras, Jordi ; Pérez, Leonardo Martín 
giao-c-h-cosy-simulations-merged.pdf.jpg2015GIAO C−H COSY simulations merged with artificial neural networks pattern recognition analysis: pushing the structural validation a step forwardZanardi, María M. ; Sarotti, Ariel M. 
efficient-production-flavoring-agent.pdf.jpg2014Efficient production of the flavoring agent zingerone and of both (r)- and (s)-zingerols via green fungal biocatalysis: comparative antifungal activities between enantiomersSvetaz, Laura A. ; Di Liberto, Melina G. ; Zanardi, María M. ; Suárez, Alejandra G. ; Zacchino, Susana A. 
comparison-omi-doas-total-ozone.pdf.jpg2020Comparison of OMI-DOAS total ozone column with ground-based measurements in ArgentinaOrte, Pablo Facundo ; Luccini, E. ; Wolfram, E. ; Nollas, F. ; Pallotta, J. ; D'Elia, R. ; Carbajal, G. ; Mbatha, N. ; Hlongwane, N. 
all-polarization-maintaining-passively.pdf.jpg2019All polarization-maintaining assively mode-locked yb-doped fiber laser : pulse compression using an anomalous polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiberCuadrado-Laborde, Christian ; Carrascosa, Antonio ; Diez, Antonio ; Cruz, José L. ; Andrés, Miguel V. 
optimization-protease-production.pdf.jpg2020Optimization of protease production and sequence analysis of the purified enzyme from the cold adapted yeast Rhodotorula mucilaginosa CBMAI 1528Lario, Luciana Daniela ; Pillaca-Pullo, Omar Santiago ; Durães Sette, Lara ; Converti, Attilio ; Casati, Paula ; Spampinato, Claudia ; Pessoa, Adalberto 
variations-phytoremediation-efficiency-metal.pdf.jpg2020Variations in the phytoremediation efficiency of metal-polluted water with Salvinia biloba : prospects and toxicological impactsEmiliani, Julia ; Llatance Oyarce, Wendi G. ; Bergara, Claudia Daniela ; Salvatierra, Lucas Matías ; Novo, Luís A. B. ; Pérez, Leonardo Martín 
microbial-characterization-facultative-residual.pdf.jpg2020Microbial characterization of a facultative residual sludge obtained from a biogas plant with ability to degrade commercial B10 diesel oilLoureiro, Dana Belén ; Olivera, Camila ; Tondo, María Laura ; Herrero, María Sol ; Salvatierra, Lucas Matías ; Pérez, Leonardo Martín 
emulsifying-properties-defatted-rice.jpg.jpg2020Emulsifying properties of defatted rice bran concentrates enriched in fiber and proteinsBonifacio, Carla ; Franco Fraguas, Eugenia ; López, Débora Natalia ; Wagner, Jorge ; Cabezas, Marcelo D. ; Panizzolo, Luis A. ; Palazolo, Gonzalo, G. ; Abirached, Cecilia 
effects-enzymatic-hydrolysis-treatment.jpg.jpg2020Effects of the enzymatic hydrolysis treatment on functional and antioxidant properties of quinoa protein acid-induced gelsGalante, Micaela ; De Flaviis, Riccardo ; Boeris, Valeria ; Spelzini, Darío 
developing-computational-thinking-with.pdf.jpg2020Developing computational thinking with a module of solved problemsArencibia Rodríguez del Rey, Yailem ; Cawanga Cambinda, Isabel Nissandra ; Deco, Claudia ; Bender, Cristina ; Avello Martínez, Raidell ; Villalba Condori, Klinge Orlando 
evaluation-antioxidant-antibacterial-physicochemical.pdf.jpg2020Evaluation of antioxidant, antibacterial and physicochemical properties of whey protein-based edible films incorporated with different soy saucesGarcía, A. ; Pérez, Leonardo Martín ; Piccirilli, G. N. ; Verdini, R. A. 
biodegradability-antimicrobial-edible-films.pdf.jpg2019Biodegradability of antimicrobial edible films and coatings : what's the real thing?Pérez, Leonardo Martín 
thumb.jpg.jpg2019Evaluation of the effect of Gleditsia amorphoides gum on the properties of rennet-induced milk protein gelsGalante, Micaela ; Boeris, Valeria ; Risso, Patricia H. 
monomial-multiplicities-explicit-form.pdf.jpg2019Monomial multiplicities in explicit formAlesandroni, Guillermo 
mineral-fortification-modifies-physical.pdf.jpg2018Mineral fortification modifies physical and microstructural characteristics of milk gels coagulated by a bacterial enzymatic poolLombardi, Julia ; Pellegrino, José Manuel ; Soazo, Marina ; Folmer Corrêa, Ana Paula ; Brandelli, Adriano ; Risso, Patricia H. ; Boeris, Valeria 
simultaneous-determination-pesticides-fruits.pdf.jpg2018Simultaneous determination of pesticides in fruits by using second-order fluorescence data resolved by unfolded partial least-squares coupled to residual bilinearizationVillar Navarro, Mercedes ; Cabezón, Miguel Ángel ; Damiani, Patricia C. 
influencedifferent-air-drying.pdf.jpg2017Microstructural and textural properties of rennet-induced milk protein gel : effect of guar gumGalante, Micaela ; Boeris, Valeria ; Álvarez, Estela ; Risso, Patricia H. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45