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cadmium-endocrine-disruptor-correlation.pdf.jpg2012Cadmium as an endocrine disruptor : correlation with anterior pituitary redox and circadian clock mechanisms and prevention by melatoninJiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Cano Barquilla, Pilar ; Fernández Mateos, María P. ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Esquifino, Ana I. 
high-fat-diet-prolactin-adenohypophysis.pdf.jpg2010Effect of a high-fat diet on 24-hour pattern in expression of prolactin and redox pathway enzymes in the rat adenohypophysisCano Barquilla, Pilar ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Jiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Scacchi, Pablo ; Esquifino, Ana I. 
effect-cadmium-pattern-redox-enzyme.pdf.jpg2010Effect of cadmium on 24-hour pattern in expression of redox enzime and clock genes in rat medial basal hypothalamusJiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Fernández Mateos, María P. ; Ríos Lugo, María J. ; Scacchi, Pablo ; Esquifino, Ana I. 
fluctuating-temperatures-dormancy.pdf.jpg2014Fluctuating temperatures terminate dormancy in cynara cardunculus seeds by turning off ABA synthesis and reducing ABA signalling, but not stimulating GA synthesis or signallingHuarte, Héctor Roberto ; Luna, Virginia ; Pagano, Eduardo A. ; Zavala, Jorge A. ; Benech Amold, Roberto L. 
melatonin-counteracts-hypothalamic.pdf.jpg2015Melatonin counteracts changes in hypothalamic gene expression of signals regulating feeding behavior in high-fat fed ratsJiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Ríos Lugo, María J. ; Cano Barquilla, Pilar ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Esquifino, Ana I. ; Fernández Mateos, María P. ; Spinedi, Eduardo J. 
prenatal-stress-promotes-insulin.pdf.jpg2021Prenatal stress promotes insulin resistance without inflammation or obesity in C57BL/6J male miceQuiroga, Sofia ; Juárez, Yamila R. ; Marcone, María Paula ; Vidal, María Agustina ; Genaro, Ana María ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura