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comparison-monomeric-anthocyanins.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of monomeric anthocyanins and colour stability of fresh, concentrate and freeze-dried encapsulated cherry juice stored at 38º CSanchez, Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Chirife, Jorge 
estudio-cinetica-degradacion-antocianinas.pdf.jpg2017Estudio de la cinética de degradación de antocianinas y color durante el almacenamiento de jugos de cassis y saucoBusso Casati, Carolina ; Sanchez, Virginia Estela ; Baeza, Rosa 
physicochemical-properties-bioactive-compounds.pdf.jpg2019Physicochemical properties and bioactive compounds content in encapsulated freeze-dried powders obtained from blueberry, elderberry, blackcurrant and maqui berryBusso Casati, Carolina ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sanchez, Virginia Estela 
spray-drying-encapsulation-wine.pdf.jpg2018Spray drying encapsulation of red wine : stability of total monomeric anthocyanins and structural alterations upon storageÁlvarez Gaona, Izmari Jasel ; Bater, Caterina ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
spray-dried-ancellota-red-wine.jpg.jpg2019Spray-dried Ancellotta red wine : natural colorant with potential for food applicationsÁlvarez Gaona, Izmari Jasel ; Fanzone, Martín ; Sari, Santiago ; Assof, Mariela ; Pérez, Dolores ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara 
storage-stability-anthocyanins.pdf.jpg2020Storage stability of anthocyanins in freeze-dried elderberry pulp using low proportions of encapsulating agentsBaeza, Rosa ; Sanchez, Virginia Estela ; Molinari, Fabricio ; Chirife, Jorge ; López, Paula ; Salierno, Gabriel 
thermal-degradation-kinetics-monomeric.pdf.jpg2015Thermal degradation kinetics of monomeric anthocyanins, colour changes and storage effect in elderberry juicesBusso Casati, Carolina ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sanchez, Virginia ; Catalano, Alejandra ; López, Paula ; Zamora, María Clara