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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
james-der-veen-solomon-shishak.pdf.jpg2015Solomon and Shishak : current perspectives from archaeology, epigraphy, history and chronologyTebes, Juan Manuel 
sounding-sensory-profiles-near-east.pdf.jpg2019Sounding sensory profiles in the ancient near eastSchellenberg, Annette (ed.) ; Krüger, Thomas (ed.) 
sources-contention-emerging-reality-qohelet.pdf.jpg2010Sources of contention and the emerging reality concerning Qohelet's Carpe Diem adviceKelly, Joseph Ryan 
Cover Antiguo Oriente 16 2018.jpg.jpg2018Taybeh, Baal-Hazor, and a failed hunt for Baal : archaeological survey of Tell AsurMiller, Robert D. 
Antiguo Oriente 16 2018.jpg.jpg2018The architectural origin of mesopotamian standards in late Uruk/Jemdet Nasr period iconographyVan Dijk-Coombes, Renate Marian 
forgotten-kingdom-archaeology.pdf.jpg2013The forgotten kingdom : the archaeology and history of northern IsraelFinkelstein, Israel, 1949- 
gurob-ship-cart-model-mediterranean.pdf.jpg2014The Gurob ship-cart model and its mediterranean contextEmanuel, Jeffrey P. 
mesha-inscription-relations-moab.jpg.jpg2018The Mesha inscription and relations with Moab and EdomTebes, Juan Manuel 
southern-home-yhwh pre-priestly.pdf.jpg2018The southern home of yhwh and pre-priestly patriarchal/exodus traditions from a southern perspectiveTebes, Juan Manuel 
verb-i-ku-pu-sum-shamash-temple-inscription.pdf.jpg2012The verb i-KU-PU-šum in the Shamash-temple brick inscriptionMiglio, Adam E. 
towards-long-term-place.pdf.jpg2017Towards a long-term place biography of Nahr el- Kalb (Lebanon)Da Riva, Rocío 
tracing-earliest-recorded-concepts.pdf.jpg2013Tracing the earliest recorded concepts of international law : the ancient Near East, 2012Pfoh, Emanuel 
tres-puertos-egipcios-mar-rojo.pdf.jpg2017Tres puertos egipcios en el Mar Rojo durante el período faraónico : una reevaluación de la evidenciaTallet, Pierre 
Cover Antiguo Oriente 16 2018.jpg.jpg2018Visual code in the Nahalmishmar Hoard : the earliest case of proto-writing?Amzallag, Nissim 
vinculos-interregionales-ghassuliense.pdf.jpg2013Los vínculos interregionales de la iconografía ghassulienseJaruf, Pablo 
Cover Antiguo Oriente 16 2018.jpg.jpg2018El vocabulario de la construcción en UgaritDel Olmo Lete, Gregorio