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neuroinflammation-integrating-overview.pdf.jpg2021Neuroinflammation : an integrating overview of reactive-neuroimmune cell interactions in health and diseaseKölliker Frers, Rodolfo ; Udovin, Lucas Daniel ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Kobiec, Tamara ; Palacios, Jorge ; Razzitte, Gabriela ; Capani, Francisco ; Herrera, María Inés 
thumb.gif.jpg2017Neuroprotection in hypoxic-ischemic brain injury targeting glial cellsHerrera, María Inés ; Mucci, Sofía ; Barreto, George E. ; Kölliker Frers, Rodolfo ; Capani, Francisco 
neuroprotection-metabolic-syndrome.pdf.jpg2023Neuroprotection in metabolic syndrome by environmental enrichment: a lifespan perspectiveKobiec, Tamara ; Mardaraz, Claudia ; Toro Urrego, Nicolás ; Kölliker Frers, Rodolfo ; Capani, Francisco ; Otero Losada, Matilde 
neuroprotective-properties-cannabinoids.pdf.jpg2020Neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids in cellular and animal models : hypotheses and factsUdovin, Lucas Daniel ; Aguilar, Andrea ; Kobiec, Tamara ; Herrera, María Inés ; Pérez Lloret, Santiago ; Toro-Urrego, Nicolás ; Kölliker Frers, Rodolfo 
palmitoylethanolamide-attenuates.pdf.jpg2022Palmitoylethanolamide attenuates neurodevelopmental delay and early hippocampal damage following perinatal asphyxia in ratsHerrera, María Inés ; Udovin, Lucas D. ; Kobiec, Tamara ; Toro Urrego, Nicolás ; Kusnier, Carlos Federico ; Kölliker Frers, Rodolfo ; Luaces, Juan P. ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Capani, Francisco 
partial-reversal-striatal-damage.pdf.jpg2020Partial reversal of striatal damage by palmitoylethanolamide administration following perinatal asphyxiaUdovin, Lucas Daniel ; Kobiec, Tamara ; Herrera, María Inés ; Toro-Urrego, Nicolás ; Kölliker Frers, Rodolfo ; Kusnier, Carlos Federico ; Ramos Hryb, Ana Belén ; Luaces, Juan Pablo ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Capani, Francisco 
synaptoprotection-perinatal-asphyxia.pdf.jpg2020Synaptoprotection in perinatal asphyxia: an experimental approachHerrera, María Inés ; Kobiec, Tamara ; Kölliker Frers, Rodolfo ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Capani, Francisco