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application-hedonic-dynamics-using.pdf.jpg2016Application of hedonic dynamics using multiplesip temporal-liking and facial expression for evaluation of a new beverageRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; García Burgos, David ; Munsch, Simone 
chemical-characterization-encapsulated-red.pdf.jpg2018Chemical characterization of an encapsulated red wine powder and its effects on neuronal cellsRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; de Pascual-Teresa, Sonia 
drying-encapsulation.pdf.jpg2017Drying/encapsulation of red wine to produce ingredients for healthy foodsÁlvarez Gaona, Izmari J. ; Rocha Parra, Diego F. ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
efecto-sobre-especies-reactivas.pdf.jpg2017Efecto sobre las especies reactivas de oxigeno (ROS) de desalcoholizados de vino tinto y sidra en una linea celular neuronal SH-SY5YRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; Veses, Ana ; de Pascual-Teresa, Sonia 
influence-information-gender-emotional.pdf.jpg2015Influence of information, gender and emotional status for detecting small differences in the acceptance of a new healthy beverageRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara 
influence-storage-conditions-phenolic.pdf.jpg2016Influence of storage conditions on phenolic compounds stability, antioxidant capacity and colour of freeze-dried encapsulated red wineRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Lanari, M. C. ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
influence-different-air-drying.pdf.jpg2018The influence of different air-drying conditions on bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of berriesBustos, Mariela C. ; Rocha Parra, Diego F. ; Rueda Sampedro, Ines ; de Pascual-Teresa, Sonia ; León, Alberto E.