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Título : Annual anomalies and trends for TOMS reflectivities (1978-2005) in the Southern Hemisphere
Autor : Yuchechen, Adrián E. 
Lakkis, Susan Gabriela 
Canziani, Pablo O. 
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Editorial : Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society
Cita : Yuchechen, A.E., Lakkis, S.G., Canziani, P.O. Annual anomalies and trends for TOMS reflectivities (1978-2005) in the Southern Hemisphere . International journal of remote sensing 38(12), 2017 Disponible en:
Resumen : Abstract: Annual anomalies of Lambertian equivalent reflectivity (LER) retrieved from the total ozone mapping spectrometer spanning the period November 1978–November 2005 were studied in the Southern Hemisphere, in a region bounded by 0° S and 60° S, and their trends were estimated. With the exception of few regions where the variable may represent the contribution of both cloudiness and snow, trends in LER anomalies provided an evolution of total cloudiness. On average, the study region experienced a net increase in LER values of 0.78 reflectivity units (RU) decade−1; if only significant trend values are considered this figure increased to 1.18 RU decade−1. The region that showed the largest upward trend, up to 4 RU decade−1, was located over the eastern Pacific, off the coasts of Chile and Peru, where the presence of marine stratocumulus is frequent. Despite the overall positive trend there were regions that yielded a negative one, most notably the tropical latitudes of South America and Africa. The yearly zonal means also showed a positive trend at all latitudes, but significance occurred beyond 20° S only. Correlation maps between LER anomalies and five different circulation indices were also introduced. The indices with the highest and lowest number of significant correlation values were the Madden–Julian oscillation at 70° E and the quasi-biennial Oscillation, respectively.
ISSN : 0143-1161
Disciplina: INGENIERIA
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