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melatonin-doses-induced-cytoprotection.pdf.jpg2019Are melatonin doses employed clinically adequate for melatonin-induced cytoprotection?Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
ca2-entry-via-trpc1.pdf.jpg2019Ca2+ entry via TRPC1 is essential for cellular differentiation and modulates secretion via the SNARE complexSchaar, Anne ; Sun, Yuyang ; Sukumaran, Pramod ; Rosenberger, Thad A. ; Krout, Danielle ; Roemmich, James N. ; Brinbaumer, Lutz ; Claycombe-Larson, Kate ; Singh, Brij B. 
inflammaging-metabolic-syndrome-melatonin.pdf.jpg2017Inflammaging, metabolic syndrome and melatonin : a call for treatment studiesCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Hardeland, Rüdiger 
melatonin-diet-induced-metabolic.pdf.jpg2013Melatonin and diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats. Impact on the hypophysial-testicular axisScacchi Bernasconi, Pablo A. ; Cardoso, Nancy P. ; Reynoso, Roxana ; Scacchi, Pablo ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
melatonin-metabolic-syndrome-physiopathologic.pdf.jpg2011Melatonin and the metabolic syndrome : physiopathologic and therapeutical implicationsCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Cano Barquilla, Pilar ; Jiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Esquifino, Ana I. 
melatonin-may-curtail-metabolic-syndrome.pdf.jpg2013Melatonin may curtail the metabolic syndrome : studies on initial and fully established fructose-induced metabolic syndrome in ratsCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Scacchi Bernasconi, Pablo A. ; Reynoso, Roxana ; Reyes Toso, Carlos F. ; Scacchi, Pablo 
melatonin-mitochondria-metabolic-syndrome.pdf.jpg2017Melatonin, mitochondria, and the metabolic syndromeCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
neuroprotection.pdf.jpg2018Neuroprotection targeting protein misfolding on chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in the context of metabolic syndromeHerrera, María I. ; Udovin, Lucas Daniel ; Toro-Urrego, Nicolás ; Kusnier, Carlos ; Luaces, Juan P. ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Capani, Francisco 
Prenatal stress and later metabolic.jpg.jpg2019Prenatal stress and later metabolic consequences : systematic review and meta-analysis in rodentsBurgueño, Adriana ; Juarez, Yamila ; Genaro, Ana María ; Tellechea, Mariana L. 
sindrome-metabolico-melatonina-estudio-modelos.pdf.jpg2012Síndrome metabólico y melatonina : estudio de dos modelos experimentales en ratasScacchi Bernasconi, Pablo A. 
systematic-review-meta-analysis.pdf.jpg2020Systematic review and meta-analysis on the relationship between prenatal stress and metabolic syndrome intermediate phenotypesBurgueño, Adriana ; Juarez, Yamila ; Genaro, Ana María ; Tellechea, Mariana L. 
polycystic-ovary-syndrome-metabolic.pdf.jpg2018The polycystic ovary syndrome and the metabolic syndrome : a possible chronobiotic-cytoprotective adjuvant therapySpinedi, Eduardo J. ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro