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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
damqatum13.pdf.jpg2017Damqatum : The CEHAO newsletter, 2017, nº 13 (versión en inglés)
king-taita-palistin-emanuel.pdf.jpg2015King Taita and his “Palistin” : philistine state or neo-hittite kingdom?Emanuel, Jeffrey P. 
lead-isotope-analysis-slag-tempered.pdf.jpg2015Lead isotope analysis of slag-tempered Negev Highlands potteryYahalom-Mack, Naama ; Martin, Mario A. S. ; Tirosh, Ofir ; Erel, Yigal ; Finkelstein, Israel, 1949- 
nomadas-encrucijada-sociedad.pdf.jpg2013Nómadas en la encrucijada : sociedad, ideología y poder en los márgenes áridos del Levante meridional durante el primer milenio a.C.Moreno, Delia del C. 
recently-discovered-iron-age-jerusalem.pdf.jpg2014Recently discovered Iron Age lion figurines from JerusalemKletter, Raz ; Saarelainen, Katri ; Weksler-Bdolah, Shlomit 
revolution-desert-reassessment.pdf.jpg2020Revolution in the desert : a reassessment of the late bronze/early iron ages in northwestern Arabia and the southern levantTebes, Juan Manuel 
date-qurayyah-painted-ware.pdf.jpg2014The date of the Qurayyah painted ware in the southern LevantSinger-Avitz, Lily 
forgotten-kingdom-archaeology.pdf.jpg2013The forgotten kingdom : the archaeology and history of northern IsraelFinkelstein, Israel, 1949- 
origin-evolution-saraph-symbol.pdf.jpg2015The origin and evolution of the saraph symbolAmzallag, Nissim 
pottery-assemblage-jerusalem-neo-babylonian.pdf.jpg2011The pottery assemblage of Jerusalem's neobabylonian destruction level : a review and discussionTebes, Juan Manuel 
self-destruction-diversity-negev-towns.pdf.jpg2014The self-destruction of diversity” : a tale of the last days in judah's Negev townsThareani, Yifat 
cover.jpg.jpg2019The “jealousy” of God : biblical monotheism and anthropologyLemardelé, Christophe 
unearthing-wilderness-negev-edom.pdf.jpg2014Unearthing the wilderness : studies on the history and archaeology of the Negev and Edom in the Iron AgePfoh, Emanuel