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survey-temperature-effects-gab.pdf.jpg2022A survey of temperature effects on GAB monolayer in foods and minimum integral entropies of sorption : a reviewIglesias, Héctor ; Baeza, Rosa ; Chirife, Jorge 
anthocyanin-content-storage-stability.pdf.jpg2021Anthocyanin content and storage stability of spray/freeze drying microencapsulated anthocyanins from berries : a reviewBaeza, Rosa ; Chirife, Jorge 
comparison-karl-fischer-refractometric-method.pdf.jpg2010Comparison between Karl Fischer and refractometric method for detemination of moisture in honeySánchez, Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Ciappini, C. ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
comparison-monomeric-anthocyanins.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of monomeric anthocyanins and colour stability of fresh, concentrate and freeze-dried encapsulated cherry juice stored at 38º CSanchez, Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Chirife, Jorge 
comparison-kinetics-monomeric.pdf.jpg2017Comparison of the kinetics of monomeric anthocyanins loss and colour changes in thermally treated blackcurrant, maqui berry and blueberry pulps from ArgentinaBusso Casati, Carolina ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sánchez, Virginia Estela 
comparison-viscosity-trehalose.pdf.jpg2011Comparison of the viscosity of trehalose and sucrose solutions at various temperatures: Effect of guar gum additionGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sánchez, Virginia Estela ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
effect-ball-milling-energy.pdf.jpg2015Effect of ball milling energy on rheological and thermal properties of amaranth flourRoa, Diego F. ; Baeza, Rosa ; Tolaba, Marcela P. 
effect-environmental-daily-temperature-fluctuations.pdf.jpg2007Effect of environmental daily temperature fluctuations over one year storage on the prediction of non-enzymatic browning in reduced-moisture foods stored at “ambient” temperatureBaeza, Rosa ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; Mielnicki, Diana 
estudio-cinetica-degradacion-antocianinas.pdf.jpg2017Estudio de la cinética de degradación de antocianinas y color durante el almacenamiento de jugos de cassis y saucoBusso Casati, Carolina ; Sanchez, Virginia Estela ; Baeza, Rosa 
evaluation-norrish-equation-correlating-water.pdf.jpg2010Evaluation of Norrish's equation for correlating the water activity of highly concentrated solutions of sugars, polyols and polyethylene glycolsBaeza, Rosa ; Pérez, Adriana ; Sánchez, Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
flow-behavior-syneresis-ball.pdf.jpg2021Flow behavior and syneresis of ball milled rice starch and their correlations with starch structureGonzález, Luciana C. ; Loubes, Maria A. ; Bertotto, María M. ; Baeza, Rosa ; Tolaba, Marcela P. 
freeze-drying-encapsulation.pdf.jpg2013Freeze-drying encapsulation of red wine polyphenols in an amorphous matrix of maltodextrinSánchez, Virginia Estela ; Baeza, Rosa ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
literature-review-linear-regression-equations.pdf.jpg2009Literature review on linear regression equations for relating water activity to moisture content in floral honeys : development of a weighted average equationPérez, Adriana ; Sánchez, Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
physicochemical-properties-bioactive-compounds.pdf.jpg2019Physicochemical properties and bioactive compounds content in encapsulated freeze-dried powders obtained from blueberry, elderberry, blackcurrant and maqui berryBusso Casati, Carolina ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sanchez, Virginia Estela 
stability-individual-phenolic-compounds.pdf.jpg2012Stability of individual phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity during storage of a red wine powderGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Maury, Chantal ; Mehinagic, Emira ; Sanchez, Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Mignot, Sophie ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
storage-stability-anthocyanins.pdf.jpg2020Storage stability of anthocyanins in freeze-dried elderberry pulp using low proportions of encapsulating agentsBaeza, Rosa ; Sanchez, Virginia Estela ; Molinari, Fabricio ; Chirife, Jorge ; López, Paula ; Salierno, Gabriel 
thermal-degradation-kinetics-monomeric.pdf.jpg2015Thermal degradation kinetics of monomeric anthocyanins, colour changes and storage effect in elderberry juicesBusso Casati, Carolina ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sánchez, Virginia See "Sánchez, Virginia Estela" ; Catalano, Alejandra ; López, Paula ; Zamora, María Clara