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advances-representation-analysis.pdf.jpg2017Advances in representation and analysis of mono and multi-intake Temporal Dominance of Sensations dataGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Visalli, Michel ; Pschlich, P. 
aromatic-profiles-spray-dried-orange.pdf.jpg2008Aromatic profiles of spray-dried encapsulated orange flavours : influence of matrix composition on the aroma retention evaluated by sensory analysis and electronic nose techniquesGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Baby, R. ; Chirife, Jorge ; Mesina, V. 
comparison-viscosity-trehalose.pdf.jpg2011Comparison of the viscosity of trehalose and sucrose solutions at various temperatures: Effect of guar gum additionGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Sánchez, Virginia Estela ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
could-time-intensity-trained.pdf.jpg2015Could time-intensity by a trained panel be replaced with a progressive profile done by consumers? A case on chewing-gumGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Symoneaux, R. ; Visalli, Michel ; Zamora, María Clara ; Schlich, Pascal 
determination-correlation-water.pdf.jpg2008Determination and correlation of the water activity of unsaturated, supersaturated and saturated trehalose solutionsGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara ; Pérez, A. 
eating-flowers.pdf.jpg2017Eating flowers? : exploring attitudes and consumers' representation of edible flowersRodrigues, H. ; Cielo, D. P. ; Goméz Corona, Carlos ; Silveira, A. A. S. ; Marchesan, T. A. ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Richards, Neila Silvia Pereira Dos Santos 
encapsulation-phenolic-compounds-anexo.pdf.jpg2022Encapsulation of phenolic compounds by spray drying of Ancellotta and Aspirant Bouchet wines to produce powders with potential use as natural food colorantsÁlvarez Gaona, Izmari Jasel ; Fanzone, Martín ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Chirife, Jorge ; Ferreras Charro, Rebeca ; García Estévez, Ignacio ; Escribano Bailón, María Teresa 
freeze-drying-encapsulation.pdf.jpg2013Freeze-drying encapsulation of red wine polyphenols in an amorphous matrix of maltodextrinSánchez, Virginia Estela ; Baeza, Rosa ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
gustatory-reaction-time-measurements-trehalose.pdf.jpg2009Gustatory reaction time and time intensity measurements of trehalose and sucrose solutions and their mixturesGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
impact-music-dynamic.pdf.jpg2021Impact of music on the dynamic perception of coffee and evoked emotions evaluated by temporal dominance of sensations (TDS) and emotions (TDE)Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Silva Paz, Reynaldo Justino ; Enciso Choquehuanca, Davna ; Zamora, María Clara ; Mesz, Bruno 
influence-different-storage-conditions.pdf.jpg2019Influence of different storage conditions on the performance of spray-dried yogurt used as inoculum for milk fermentationBater, Caterina ; Santos, Mauricio ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Gómez Zavaglia, Andrea ; Chirife, Jorge 
influence-information-gender-emotional.pdf.jpg2015Influence of information, gender and emotional status for detecting small differences in the acceptance of a new healthy beverageRocha Parra, Diego F. ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Chirife, Jorge ; Zamora, María Clara 
kinetics-water-sorption-sugar.pdf.jpg2017Kinetics of water sorption and sugar crystallization in freeze-dried bananas previously immersed in concentrated sucrose and trehalose solutionIglesias, Héctor ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Díaz Barrios, Luis F. ; Chirife, Jorge 
multi-attribute-temporal-descriptive.pdf.jpg2022Multi-attribute temporal descriptive methods in sensory analysis applied in food science: protocol for a scoping reviewVisalli, Michel ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia 
multi-method-sensory-approach.pdf.jpg2022Multi-method sensory approach to describe the effect of microwave-assisted extraction and addition of stems on the mouthfeel sensations of Bonarda wines from Mendoza (Argentina)Álvarez Gaona, Izmari Jasel ; Fanzone, Martín ; Sari, Santiago ; Catania, Aníbal ; Coronado, Ignacio ; Jofré, Viviana Patricia ; Zamora, María Clara ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia 
physicochemical-hanges-sensory.pdf.jpg2009Physicochemical changes and sensory characterization of a balsamic vinegar dressing at different °brixChirife, Jorge ; Sansiñena, Marina Julia ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia ; Zamora, María Clara 
sourness-sweetness-interaction.pdf.jpg2006Sourness–sweetness interactions in different media: white wine, ethanol and waterZamora, María Clara ; Goldner, María Cristina ; Galmarini, Mara Virginia 
stability-individual-phenolic-compounds.pdf.jpg2012Stability of individual phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity during storage of a red wine powderGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Maury, Chantal ; Mehinagic, Emira ; Sanchez, Virginia ; Baeza, Rosa ; Mignot, Sophie ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge 
static-dynamic-liking-gum.pdf.jpg2014Static vs. dynamic liking in chewing gum : a new approach using a background task and a natural settingGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Symoneaux, R. ; Visalli, Michel ; Zamora, María Clara ; Schlich, Pascal 
effect-trehalose.pdf.jpg2008The effect of trehalose, sucrose and maltodextrin addition on physicochemical and sensory aspects of freeze - dried strawberry pureeGalmarini, Mara Virginia ; Schebor, Carolina ; Zamora, María Clara ; Chirife, Jorge