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Título : Self-reported internet skills, previous knowledge and working memory in text comprehension in e-learning
Autor : Burin, Débora 
Irrazábal, Natalia 
Injoque Ricle, Irene 
Saux, Gastón 
Barreyro, Juan Pablo 
Fecha de publicación : 2018
Editorial : SpringerOpen
Cita : Burin, D. I., Irrazabal, N., Injoque Ricle, I., Saux, G., Barreyro, J. P. (2018). Self-reported internet skills, previous knowledge and working memory in text comprehension in e-learning [en línea] International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 15:18. Disponible en:
Resumen : Abstract: We examined the contribution of Internet operational and navigation skills, previous knowledge, and working memory capacity to expository text comprehension as a lesson within an e-learning course. As different from previous studies in controlled settings; this study addressed students’ typical behavior in more ecological conditions. The first study tested self-reported Internet Skills Scale structure, reliability and concurrent validity, in a sample of 254 college students from a large Latin American public university. The second study addressed the contribution of self-reported Internet skills, previous domain knowledge, and working memory capacity to text comprehension in e-learning. Students (n=125) read high or low previous knowledge expository science texts and answered questions about them, in an e-learning course specifically designed for research purposes, accessed remotely. They also completed working memory tests. Working memory and navigation were significantly associated with text comprehension: higher working memory, and lower scores in self-reported navigation behavior, led to better comprehension. These results have implications for instructional design and reading strategies interventions.
ISSN : 2365-9440 (online)
Disciplina: PSICOLOGIA
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