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Título : Incised for eternity : the graffiti on the Second Stela of Kamose revisited
Autor : Flammini, Roxana 
Fecha de publicación : 2021
Editorial : Peeters
Cita : Flammini, R. Incised for eternity : the graffiti on the Second Stela of Kamose revisited [en línea]. Ancient Near Eastern Studies. 2021, 28. doi:10.2143/ANES.58.0.3290199. Disponible en:
Proyecto: Realeza y Sociedad en el Antiguo Egipto 
Resumen : Abstract: The temple of Karnak was the recipient of a vast amount of figural and textual graffiti, mainly dated from the New Kingdom onwards. Here I shall revisit the graffiti on the Second Stela of Kamose, a portable royal monument the king ordered to be set up in the temple in a nowadays unknown location. His aim was to record his victories over the Hyksos and celebrate the glory of the main god of the temple, Amun. The two figural graffiti incised on the stela’s surfaces are proof of how people perceived, experienced and interacted with the monument through time.
ISSN : 1378-4641
1783-1326 (on line)
DOI: 10.2143/ANES.58.0.3290199
Derechos: Acceso restringido
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