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Título : Early 21st century cyclone climatology : a 3D perspective. Basic characterization
Autor : Lakkis, Susan Gabriela 
Canziani, Pablo O. 
Rodriguez, Joaquín O. 
Yuchechen , Adrian E. 
O´Neill, Alan 
Albers, Kim H. 
Hodges, Kevin 
Fecha de publicación : 2021
Editorial : Royal Meteorological Society
Cita : Lakkis, S. G., Canziani, P. O., Yuchechen , A. E., O´Neill, A., Albers, K. H., Hodges, K. Early 21st century cyclone climatology : a 3D perspective. Basic characterization [en línea]. International Journal of Climatology. 2021. Disponible en:
Resumen : Abstract: Extra-tropical cyclones are a relevant feature in the climate at middle and high latitudes. Despite their importance, most studies typically focus only on cyclones identified at a single atmospheric level and on events close to the surface. This paper provides a new perspective on the Southern Hemisphere (SH) cyclone events based on the multilevel cyclone tracking algorithm STACKER. The algorithm, using relative vorticity, detects the raw tracks at single levels and objectively combines them to provide the 3D events and their evolutionary timeline. As a result, a 3D cyclone climatology, based on ECMWF Reanalysis ERA-I data from 12 pressure levels in the troposphere and lowermost stratosphere is presented.
Cobertura Temporal: SIGLO XXI
ISSN : 1097-0088
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