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executive-functioning-cognitively-normal.jpg.jpg2019Executive functioning in cognitively normal middle-aged offspring of late-onset Alzheimer's disease patientsAbulafia, Carolina Andrea ; Fiorentini, Leticia ; Loewenstein, David A. ; Curiel-Cid, Rosie ; Sevlever, Gustavo ; Nemeroff, Charles B. ; Villarreal, Mirta F. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Guinjoan, Salvador M. 
failure-recover-proactive-semantic.pdf.jpg2017Failure to recover from proactive semantic interference and abnormal limbic connectivity in asymptomatic, middle-aged offspring of patients with late-onset Alzheimer’s diseaseSánchez, Stella M. ; Abulafia, Carolina Andrea ; Duarte-Abritta, Bárbara ; Ladrón de Guevara, María Soledad ; Castro, Mariana N. ; Drucaroff, Lucas J. ; Sevlever, Gustavo ; Nemeroff, Charles B. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Loewenstein, David A. ; Villarreal, Mirta F. ; Guinjoan, Salvador M. 
individual-cognitive-depressive-traits.pdf.jpg2018Individual cognitive and depressive traits associated with maternal versus paternal family history of Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease : proactive semantic interference versus standard neuropsychological assessmentsWilsona, Kathleen E. ; Abulafia, Carolina Andrea ; Loewensteind, David A. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Sevlever, Gustavo ; Nemeroffd, Charles B. ; Villarreal, Mirta F. ; Guinjoan, Salvador M. 
white-matter-fiber-density.pdf.jpg2019White matter fiber density abnormalities in cognitively normal adults at risk for lateonset Alzheimer´s diseaseSánchez, Stella M. ; Duarte-Abritta, Bárbara ; Abulafia, Carolina Andrea ; De Pino, Gabriela ; Bocaccio, Hernan ; Castro, Mariana N. ; Sevlever, Gustavo ; Fonzo, Greg A. ; Nemeroff, Charles B. ; Gustafson, Deborah R. ; Guinjoan, Salvador M. ; Villarreal, Mirta F.