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chronic-circadian-desynchronization.pdf.jpg2023Chronic circadian desynchronization of feeding-fasting rhythm generates alterations in daily glycemia, LDL cholesterolemia and microbiota composition in miceTrebucq, Laura Lucía ; Lamberti, Melisa Luciana ; Rota, Rosana ; Borio, Cristina ; Bilen, Marcos ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Chiesa, Juan José 
cronic-jet-lag.pdf.jpg2023Chronic jet lag reduces motivation and affects other mood-related behaviors in male miceAcosta, Julieta ; Crespo, Manuel T. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José ; Agostino, Patricia V. 
circadian-metabolic-effects-light.pdf.jpg2017Circadian and metabolic effects of light : implications in weight homeostasis and healthPlano, Santiago Andrés ; Casiraghi, Leandro P. ; García Moro, Paula ; Paladino, Natalia ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José 
cysteine-oxidation-promotes-dimerization.pdf.jpg2022Cysteine oxidation promotes dimerization/oligomerization of circadian protein periodBaidanoff, Fernando Martín ; Trebucq, Laura Lucía ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Eaton, Phillip ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José 
redox-antioxidant-modulation-circadian.pdf.jpg2021Redox and antioxidant modulation of circadian rhythms : Effects of nitroxyl, N-acetylcysteine and glutathionePlano, Santiago Andrés ; Baidanoff, Fernando Martín ; Trebucq, Laura Lucía ; Suárez, Sebastián Ángel ; Doctorovich, Fabio ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José 
role-substrate-no-cgmp-pkg.pdf.jpg2021Role of G-substrate in the NO/cGMP/PKG signal transduction pathway for photic entrainment of the hamster circadian clockPlano, Santiago Andrés ; Alessandro, María Soledad ; Trebucq, Laura Lucía ; Endo, Shogo ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Chiesa, Juan José