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systematic-review-meta-analysis.pdf.jpg2023A systematic review and meta-analysis on the association between orthostatic hypotension and mild cognitive impairment and dementia in Parkinson's diseaseLoureiro, Débora ; Bilbao, Rodrigo ; Bordet, Sofía ; Grasso, Lina ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Capani, Francisco ; Ponzo, Osvaldo J. ; Pérez Lloret, Santiago 
effects-angiotensin-1-type-receptor.pdf.jpg2021Effects of angiotensin type 1 receptor antagonists on Parkinson's disease progression : an exploratory study in the PPMI databaseUdovin, Lucas Daniel ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Bordet, Sofía ; Chevalier, Guenson ; Quarracino, Cecilia ; Capani, Francisco ; Pérez Lloret, Santiago 
genetics-neurogenic-orthostatic.pdf.jpg2023Genetics of neurogenic orthostatic hypotension in Parkinson’s disease, results from a cross-sectional in silico studyChevalier, Guenson ; Udovin, Lucas D. ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Bordet, Sofía ; Capani, Francisco ; Luo, Sheng ; Goetz, Christopher ; Pérez Lloret, Santiago 
neuroprotection-from-protein.pdf.jpg2023Neuroprotection from protein misfolding in cerebral hypoperfusion concurrent with metabolic syndrome: a translational perspectiveBordet, Sofía ; Luaces, Juan Pablo ; Herrera, María Inés ; Gonzalez, Liliana Mirta ; Kobiec, Tamara ; Pérez Lloret, Santiago ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Capani, Francisco 
parkinson-disease-era-novel.pdf.jpg2020Parkinson’s disease in the era of a novel respiratory virus pandemicOtero Losada, Matilde ; Kobiec, Tamara ; Udovin, Lucas Daniel ; Chevalier, Guenson ; Quarracino, Cecilia ; Menéndez Maissonave, Camila Belén ; Bordet, Sofía ; Capani, Francisco ; Pérez Lloret, Santiago 
genetics-basis-probable.pdf.jpg2023The genetic basis of probable rem sleep behavior disorder in Parkinson’s diseasePérez Lloret, Santiago ; Chevalier, Guenson ; Bordet, Sofía ; Barbar, Hanny ; Capani, Francisco ; Udovin, Lucas D. ; Otero Losada, Matilde 
renin-angiotensin-system-modulates.pdf.jpg2021The renin–angiotensin system modulates dopaminergic neurotransmission : A new player on the sceneKobiec, Tamara ; Otero Losada, Matilde ; Chevalier, Guenson ; Udovin, Lucas Daniel ; Bordet, Sofía ; Menéndez Maissonave, Camila Belén ; Capani, Francisco ; Pérez Lloret, Santiago