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current-undestangind-roles.pdf.jpg2023Current understanding of the roles of gut–brain axis in the cognitive deficits caused by perinatal stress exposureRubinstein Guichón, Mara Roxana ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura ; Quiroga, Sofia ; Wald, Miriam Ruth ; Genaro, Ana María 
editorial-early-life-stress.pdf.jpg2022Early life stress and its impact on physiological fitnessBurgueño, Adriana Laura ; Astiz, Mariana ; Dagnino Subiabre, Alexies 
effects-prenatal-stress-postnatal.pdf.jpg2019Effects of prenatal stress and postnatal high fat diet feeding on BALB/c mice metabolismQuiroga, Sofia ; Juárez, Yamila R. ; Tellechea, Mariana L. ; Genaro, Ana María ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura 
immunomodulation-induced-central.pdf.jpg2021Immunomodulation induced by central nervous system-related peptides as a therapeutic strategy for neurodegenerative disordersPalumbo, María Laura ; Moroni, Alejandro David ; Quiroga, Sofia ; Castro, María Micaela ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura ; Genaro, Ana María 
influence-prenatal-stress-metabolic.pdf.jpg2020Influence of prenatal stress on metabolic abnormalities induced by postnatal intake of a high-fat diet in BALB/c miceJuárez, Yamila R. ; Quiroga, Sofía ; Prochnik, Andrés ; Wald, Miriam Ruth ; Tellechea, Mariana L. ; Genaro, Ana María ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura 
thumb.jpg.jpg2020Perinatal taurine exerts a hypotensive effect in male spontaneously hypertensive rats and down-regulates endothelial oxide nitric synthase in the aortic archMensegue, Melisa F. ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura ; Tellechea, Mariana L.. 
Prenatal stress and later metabolic.jpg.jpg2019Prenatal stress and later metabolic consequences : systematic review and meta-analysis in rodentsBurgueño, Adriana Laura ; Juárez, Yamila R. ; Genaro, Ana María ; Tellechea, Mariana L. 
prenatal-stress-promotes-insulin.pdf.jpg2021Prenatal stress promotes insulin resistance without inflammation or obesity in C57BL/6J male miceQuiroga, Sofia ; Juárez, Yamila R. ; Marcone, María Paula ; Vidal, María Agustina ; Genaro, Ana María ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura 
risk-factors-for-drug.pdf.jpg2023Risk factors for drug-resistant epilepsy in adult patientsLagger, Ignacio ; Garino, Eliana ; Martínez, Oscar ; Knorre, Eduardo ; Ernst, Glenda ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura 
sexual-dimorphism-modulates.pdf.jpg2022Sexual dimorphism modulates metabolic and cognitive alterations under HFD nutrition and chronic stress exposure in mice : correlation between spatial memory impairment and BDNF mRNA expression in hippocampus and spleenProchnika, Andrés ; Burgueño, Adriana Laura ; Rubinstein Guichón, Mara Roxana ; Marcone, María Paula ; Bianchi, María S. ; González Murano, María Rosa ; Genaro, Ana María ; Wald, Miriam Ruth 
systematic-review-meta-analysis.pdf.jpg2020Systematic review and meta-analysis on the relationship between prenatal stress and metabolic syndrome intermediate phenotypesBurgueño, Adriana Laura ; Juárez, Yamila R. ; Genaro, Ana María ; Tellechea, Mariana L.