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disrupted-chronobiology-sleep-cytoprotection-obesity.pdf.jpg2011Disrupted chronobiology of sleep and cytoprotection in obesity : possible therapeutic value of melatoninCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Pagano, Eleonora Samanta ; Scacchi Bernasconi, Pablo A. ; Reynoso, Roxana ; Scacchi, Pablo 
high-fat-diet-prolactin-adenohypophysis.pdf.jpg2010Effect of a high-fat diet on 24-hour pattern in expression of prolactin and redox pathway enzymes in the rat adenohypophysisCano Barquilla, Pilar ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Jiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Scacchi, Pablo ; Esquifino, Ana I. 
effect-cadmium-pattern-redox-enzyme.pdf.jpg2010Effect of cadmium on 24-hour pattern in expression of redox enzime and clock genes in rat medial basal hypothalamusJiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Fernández Mateos, María P. ; Ríos Lugo, María J. ; Scacchi, Pablo ; Esquifino, Ana I. 
melatonin-diet-induced-metabolic.pdf.jpg2013Melatonin and diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats. Impact on the hypophysial-testicular axisScacchi Bernasconi, Pablo A. ; Cardoso, Nancy P. ; Reynoso, Roxana ; Scacchi, Pablo ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
melatonin-mitochondrial-dysfunction-central-nervous.pdf.jpg2012Melatonin and mitochondrial dysfunction in the central nervous systemCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Pagano, Eleonora S. ; Scacchi Bernasconi, Pablo A. ; Reynoso, Roxana ; Scacchi, Pablo 
melatonin-plasma-adiponectin-leptin-insulin.pdf.jpg2010Melatonin effect on plasma adiponectin, leptin, insulin, glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol in normal and high-fat fed ratsRíos Lugo, María J. ; Cano Barquilla, Pilar ; Jiménez Ortega, Vanesa ; Fernández Mateos, María P. ; Scacchi, Pablo ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Esquifino, Ana I. 
melatonin-may-curtail-metabolic-syndrome.pdf.jpg2013Melatonin may curtail the metabolic syndrome : studies on initial and fully established fructose-induced metabolic syndrome in ratsCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Scacchi Bernasconi, Pablo A. ; Reynoso, Roxana ; Reyes Toso, Carlos F. ; Scacchi, Pablo