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Título : Towards a new justificatory theory of comparative constitutional law
Autor : Legarre, Santiago 
Fecha de publicación : 2015
Editorial : Strathmore University Press
Cita : Legarre, S. (2015). Towards a new justificatory theory of comparative constitutional law [en línea]. Strathmore Law Journal, 1(1). Disponible en: Registro en: [Fecha de consulta: .......]
Resumen : Abstract: This paper tries to explain what comparative constitutional law is and takes the US legal practice as an example. The presence of comparative analysis is considered both in the academic arena and in the case law of the US Supreme Court. The conclusion of this part of the article is that for comparative constitutional law to be valid its role ought to be restricted by several constraints. The article also suggests that the comparative enterprise only makes sense if the universality of human rights is first acknowledged. The paper next delves into such universality and connects it with notions of new classical natural law that are considered essential in order to adequately understand the problem. Finally, it provides an example of the misuse of comparative constitutionalism.
ISSN : 2411-5975
Disciplina: DERECHO
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