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Título : Naturaleza, sinergia, tensegridad y biotensegridad, ¿es 1+1=4?
Autor : Castro Arenas, Cristhian 
Miralles, Mónica Teresita 
Otros colaboradores: Congreso de la Sociedad Ibero-americana de Gráfica Digital (20º : 2016 : Buenos Aires)
Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y el Centro Cultural San Martín
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Cita : Castro Arenas, C., Miralles, M. Naturaleza, sinergia, tensegridad y biotensegridad, ¿es 1+1=4? [en línea]. En: XX Congreso de la Sociedad Ibero-americana de Gráfica Digital. Buenos Aires : 9-11 noviembre 2016, Argenitna Disponible en: Registro en: [Fecha de consulta:....]
Resumen : Abstract: The optimization of resources in nature has stimulated the creation of strategies to facilitate the interchange of energy, matter and information. Observation of these natural phenomena allowed Fuller to develop the concept of Tensegrity Systems in the 50's, generating a growing integration of multidisciplinary views on this subject. In this paper Tensegrity is postulated, given its peculiar synergistic qualities, as a paradigmatic and emergent concept in the projectual disciplines, both as a type of system displaying reciprocal interactions between a given number of nodes, and as a structural system with potential applications in multiple, evolving, scientific-technological fields.
Disciplina: INGENIERIA
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