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Título : The art of human rights : enriching the life of the law school through drawings and other visual resource
El arte de los derechos humanos : enriquecer la vida de la Facultad de Derecho a través de dibujos y otros recursos visuales
Autor : Legarre, Santiago 
Fecha de publicación : 2015
Editorial : EDUCA
Universidad Católica Argentina. Facultad de Derecho
Cita : Legarre, S. The art of human rights : enriching the life of the law school through drawing and other visual resources [en línea], Prudentia Iuris. 2015, 80. Disponible en:
Resumen : In the life of the Law School, focus on the “visual” can operate at three different levels: learning, teaching, and examining (legal concepts). My main interest in this paper is to explore the latter level, “examining”, broadly considered so as to encompass evaluation in general. Furthermore, that interest is pinned down here to the area of constitutional rights and human rights in general, even though the conclusions reached can (and should) likely be extrapolated to other areas of the law... In effect, the first logical step regarding the relevance of the visual approach has to do with using it yourself when you study —assuming that you came to the conclusion that you are a “visual learner”. As you know, VARK theorists propose a quadripartite classification of learners. The acronym VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic sensory modalities that are used for learning information. This model was designed in the late 80s by Neil Fleming and it has received some acceptance and a lot of attention...
Disciplina: DERECHO
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