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Título : Crecimiento económico con calidad ambiental. Un enfoque normativo
Autor : Siri, María Sonia 
Director de Tesis: Nicchi, Fernando
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Cita : Siri, M.S. Crecimiento económico con calidad ambiental. Un enfoque normativo [en línea]. Tesis Doctoral. Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, 2016. Disponible en:
Resumen : Abstract: This paper seeks to clarify the importance of growth in economic analysis, incorporating the requirements of the environment. We consider the growth with environmental quality requires endogenous changes mainly in the formation of human capital, which lead to behavioral changes that manifest in suitable occupations that have incorporated environmental quality. In model A we adopt the type of endogenous growth models which have been analyzed by Romer (1986), Barro (1990) and Futagami et al (1993). We seek to analyze how the growth rate of environmental quality, long-term reacts to fiscal policy and the introduction of less polluting technology. We consider the effects of fiscal policy on the welfare of society, for the model in the path of growth with environmental quality In model B considering the structure of the endogenous models we try to interrelate: human capital, employment, symbolic values to guide society towards economic growth with environmental quality. These occupations increase self-esteem and the esteem of society that cares for the environment The economy and culture have always been related; therefore we believe that the values that are passed from generation to generation may contribute to the design of a program of economic growth with environmental quality.
Disciplina: ECONOMIA
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