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Título : Reaching more customers, delving into the unknown
Autor : Viltard, Leandro Adolfo 
Fecha de publicación : 2021
Editorial : Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo
Cita : Viltard, L. A. Reaching more customers, delving into the unknown [en línea]. Independent Journal of Management & Production. 2021, 12 (2). Disponible en:
Resumen : Abstract: Organizations have ineffective information management practices, and improper analytical methods and tools for innovations. As a consequence, customers are not appropriately reached, decision-making is compromised and –unfortunately- most innovations don’t achieve the desired results. In this sense and through the study of Disruptive Innovation Theory (DIT) and Job To Be Done Theory (JTBDT) –developed by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen- it is pointed out that a novel universe of value is created for small firms and incumbents in their innovation environments. In other words, “unrevealed” areas of opportunities (or Disrupted Innovation Theory, DIT) and “undisclosed” products (Job-To-Be-Done Theory, JTBDT) take place, allowing a wide range of new organizational and social development, not only a different/better/worse known market or product. This result in an additional distinction between two antagonistic fields that coexist in the current business context: the known field (referred to sustaining innovations) and the unknown one (connected with DI and JTBD). Managers are urged to understand their differences, and theories/tools must be reconsidered to manage those opposite worlds. Therefore, the hypothesis of this investigation –which was corroborated- states that a deep understanding of DIT and JTBDT can help to reach more customers with adapted products, and to wider develop organizations and markets. It was utilized a qualitative methodology, with an exploratory descriptive study. The design was non-experimental and -within them- transversal, since the information was collected at a given moment of time.
ISSN : 2236-269X
Disciplina: ECONOMIA
DOI: 10.14807/ijmp.v12i2.1318
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