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desert-revolution-transformations.pdf.jpg2020A desert revolution: transformations in Northwestern Arabia and the Arid Southern Levant in the late 2nd millennium BCETebes, Juan Manuel 
antiguo_oriente02.pdf.jpg2004Antiguo Oriente: Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios de Historia del Antiguo Oriente, 2004, n° 2 (número completo)Veldmeijer, André J. ; van Roode, Sigrid ; Tebes, Juan Manuel ; Pfoh, Emanuel ; Zulian, Marcelo ; Paysás, Javier M. ; Gorzalczany, Amir ; Gestoso Singer, Graciela 
antiguo_oriente04.pdf.jpg2006Antiguo Oriente: Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios de Historia del Antiguo Oriente, 2006, n° 4 (número completo)Van der Steen, Eveline ; Bienkowski, Piotr ; Kahn, Dan'El ; Maravelia, Amanda-Alice ; Musacchio, Tracy ; Silver, Morris ; Tebes, Juan Manuel ; Veldmeijer, André J. ; Singer, Itamar 
beyond-petra-nabataean-cultic.pdf.jpg2020Beyond Petra : nabataean cultic and mortuary practices and the cultural heritage of the Negev and EdomTebes, Juan Manuel 
brian-schmidt-materiality-power.pdf.jpg2017Brian B. Schmidt, The Materiality of Power: Explorations in the Social History of Early Israelite Magic. Forschungen zum Alten Tstament 105. Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2016. XV + 258. ISBN 978–3–16–153302–0. €99Tebes, Juan Manuel 
centro-periferia-mundo-antiguo-negev.pdf.jpg2008Centro y periferia en el mundo antiguo : el Negev y sus interacciones con Egipto, Asiria y el Levante en la Edad de Hierro (1200-586 a.C.)Tebes, Juan Manuel 
ceramicas-edomita-madianita-negevita.pdf.jpg2004Cerámicas “edomita”, “madianita” y “negevita”: ¿indicadoras de grupos tribales en el Negev?Tebes, Juan Manuel 
cover.jpg.jpg2019Christophe Lemardelé, Archéologie de la Bible hébraïque. Culture scribale et Yahwismes. Oxford, Archaeopress, 2019. iv + 115. ISBN 978–978– 1–78969–228–0. £ 29.00.Tebes, Juan Manuel 
desert-funerary-architecture.pdf.jpg2020Desert funerary architecture and afterlife beliefs in the Arid Southern Levant from a Longue Durée PerspectiveTebes, Juan Manuel 
ianir-milevski-early-bronze-age.pdf.jpg2012IANIR MILEVSKI, Early Bronze Age Goods Exchange in the Southern Levant: A Marxist Perspective. Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology. London & Oakville, Equinox. ix + 294 pp. ISBN 978 –1– 84553–378–6. U$D 114Tebes, Juan Manuel 
antiguo_oriente04.pdf.jpg.jpg2006Iron age “negevite ” pottery : a reassessmentTebes, Juan Manuel 
resena-isaac-kalimi-tebes.pdf.jpg2010ISAAC KALIMI, An Ancient Israelite Historian: Studies in the Chronicler, His Time, Place and Writing. Studia Semitica Neerlandica 46. Assen, Van Gorcum, 2005, 212 pp. ISBN 90-232-4071-5. U$D 138.00 - ISAAC KALIMI, The Reshaping of Ancient Israelite History in Chronicles. Winona Lake, Eisenbrauns, 2005, 473 pp. ISBN 1-57506-058-2. U$D 59.50Tebes, Juan Manuel 
les-deux-edoms.pdf.jpg2021Les deux Édoms de l’âge du bronze récentTebes, Juan Manuel 
memoria-colectiva-judia-edom.pdf.jpg2016La memoria colectiva judía sobre Edom y su rol en la formación de la identidad nacional judía en la antigüedadTebes, Juan Manuel 
memories-humiliation-edom-jewish.pdf.jpg2017Memories of humiliation, cultures of resentment towards Edom and the formation of ancient Jewish national identityTebes, Juan Manuel 
midian-juan-manuel-tebes.pdf.jpg2019MidianTebes, Juan Manuel 
mining-ancient-copper.jpg.jpg2020Mining for Ancient Copper. Essays in Memory of Beno Rothenberg, edited by Erez Ben-Yosef. Monograph Series of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology 37. University Park, PA/Tel Aviv: Eisenbrauns & Emery and Claire Yass Publications in Archaeology of the Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, 2018. xviii 1 566 pp. Hardcover $149.95.Tebes, Juan Manuel 
new-radiocarbon-dates.pdf.jpg2020New radiocarbon dates from the Edomite highlands and the hydraulic systems of southern JordanTebes, Juan Manuel 
james-der-veen-solomon-shishak.pdf.jpg2015PETER JAMES & PETER G. VAN DER VEEN (eds.), Solomon and Shishak. Current Perspectives from Archaeology, Epigraphy, History and Chronology. Proceedings of the Third BICANE Colloquium held at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge 26–27 March, 2011. BAR International Series 2732. Oxford, Archaeopress, 2015. xii + 281. ISBN 978–1–4073–1389–4. £47.00Tebes, Juan Manuel 
pots-juan-manuel-tebes.pdf.jpg2018PotsTebes, Juan Manuel