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hours-service-regulations-professional.jpg.jpg2018Hours of service regulations for professional drivers in continental Latin AmericaSimonelli, Guido ; Bellone, Giannina J. ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Glozier, Nick ; Capaldi, Vincent F. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Kryger, Meir H. 
school-characteristics-child-work.pdf.jpg2014School characteristics, child work, and other daily activities as sleep deficit predictors in adolescents from households with unsatisfied basic needsVigo, Daniel Eduardo ; Simonelli, Guido ; Tuñón, Ianina ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Golombek, Diego A. 
aasm.36.11.1669.pdf.jpg2013Sleep and quality of life in urban poverty: the effect of a slum housing upgrading programSimonelli, Guido ; Leanza, Yvan ; Boilard, Alexandra ; Hyland, Martín ; Augustinavicius, Jura L. ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Vallières, Annie ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
sleep-napping-alertness.pdf.jpg2019Sleep, napping and alertness during an overwintering mission at Belgrano II Argentine Antarctic stationFolgueira, Agustín ; Simonelli, Guido ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Tortello, Camila ; Cuiuli, Juan Manuel ; Blanchard, Abel ; Patagua, Alejandro ; Brager, Allison J. ; Capaldi, Vicente F. ; Aubert, André E. ; Barbarito, Marta ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
sv125-cardinali.pdf.jpg2014Sleep, slums and shelter : impact of a slum-housing upgrading programCardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Simonelli, Guido ; Rodríguez Espínola, Solange Sylvia ; Salvia, Agustín ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
sleep-misalingment-circadian-rhythm.jpg.jpg2019Sleepmisalignment and circadian rhythmimpairment in long-haul bus drivers under a two-up operations systemDiez, Joaquín J. ; Plano, Santiago Andrés ; Caldar, Carlos ; Bellone, Giannina J. ; Simonelli, Guido ; Brangold, Mauro ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Golombek, Diego A. ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo 
impact-home-safety-sleep.pdf.jpg2015The impact of home safety on sleep in a Latin American countrySimonelli, Guido ; Patel, Sanjay R. ; Rodríguez Espínola, Solange Sylvia ; Pérez Chada, Daniel ; Salvia, Agustín ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo