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mirror-code-protein-cholesterol.pdf.jpg2016A mirror code for protein cholesterol interactions in the two leaflets of biological membranesFantini, Jacques ; Di Scala, Coralie ; Evans, Luke S. ; Williamson, Philip, T. F. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
anandamide-revisited.pdf.jpg2018Anandamide revisited : how cholesterol and ceramides control receptor-dependent and receptor-independent signal transmission pathways of a lipid neurotransmitterDi Scala, Coralie ; Fantini, Jacques ; Yahi, Nouara ; Barrantes, Francisco José ; Chahinian, Henri 
cholesterol-recognition-motifs-membrane.jpg.jpg2019Cholesterol-recognition motifs in membrane proteinsBarrantes, Francisco José ; Fantini, Jacques ; Epand, Richard M. 
disclosure-cholesterol-recognition-motifs.pdf.jpg2011Disclosure of cholesterol recognition motifs in transmembrane domains of the human nicotinic acetylcholine receptorBaier, Carlos J. ; Fantini, Jacques ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
from-hopanoids-to-cholesterol.pdf.jpg2016From hopanoids to cholesterol : molecular clocks of pentameric ligand-gated ion channelsBarrantes, Francisco José ; Fantini, Jacques 
how-cholesterol-interacts-membrane.pdf.jpg2013How cholesterol interacts with membrane proteins : an exploration of cholesterol-binding sites including CRAC, CARC, and tilted domainsFantini, Jacques ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
how-membrane-lipids-control.pdf.jpg2018How membrane lipids control the 3D structure and function of receptorsFantini, Jacques ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
molecular-mechanisms-protein-cholesterol.jpg.jpg2016Molecular mechanisms of protein-cholesterol interactions in plasma membranes : functional distinction between topological (tilted) and consensus (CARC/CRAC) domainsFantini, Jacques ; Di Scala, Coralie ; Baier, Carlos J. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
relevance-carc-crac-cholesterol.pdf.jpg2017Relevance of CARC and CRAC cholesterol-recognition motifs in the nicotinic azcetylcholine receptor and other membrane-bound receptorsDi Scala, Coralie ; Baier, Carlos J. ; Evans, Luke S. ; Williamson, Philip, T. F. ; Fantini, Jacques ; Barrantes, Francisco José