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antibody-induced-acetylcholine.pdf.jpg2013Antibody-induced acetylcholine receptor clusters inhabit liquid-ordered and liquid-disordered domainsKamerbeek, Constanza B. ; Borroni, María Virginia ; Pediconi, María F. ; Sato, Satoshi B. ; Kobayashi, Toshihide ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
cell-surface-translational dynamics.pdf.jpg2014Cell-surface translational dynamics of nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsBarrantes, Francisco José 
chaperoning-neuronal-nicotinic.pdf.jpg2012Chaperoning α7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsVallés, Ana Sofía ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
cholesterol-recognition-motifs-membrane.jpg.jpg2019Cholesterol-recognition motifs in membrane proteinsBarrantes, Francisco José ; Fantini, Jacques ; Epand, Richard M. 
fatty-acid-regulation-voltage.pdf.jpg2016Fatty acid regulation of voltage-and-ligand-gated ion channel functionAntollini, Silvia S. ; Barrantes, Francisco José 
resistance-inhibitors-cholinesterase-3.pdf.jpg2015Resistance to inhibitors of cholinesterase 3 (Ric-3) expression promotes selective protein associations with the human α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor interactomeMulcahy, Matthew J. ; Blattman, Sydney B. ; Barrantes, Francisco José ; Lukas, Ronald J. ; Hawrot, Edward 
soluble-klotho-binds-monosialoganglioside.pdf.jpg2017Soluble klotho binds monosialoganglioside to regulate membrane microdomains and growth factor signalingDalton, George ; An, Sung-Wan ; Al-Juboori, Saif I. ; Nischan, Nicole ; Yoon, Joonho ; Dobrinskikh, Evgenia ; Hilgemann, Donald W. ; Xie, Jian ; Luby-Phelps, Kate ; Kohler, Jennifer J. ; Birnbaumer, Lutz ; Huang, Chou-Long 
978-3-319-66601-3.jpg.jpg2017Spatiotemporal dynamics of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and lipid platformsBarrantes, Francisco José 
effects-cholesterol-nicotinic-acetylcholine.jpg.jpg2018The effects of cholesterol on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor : an updateBarrantes, Francisco José 
transient-cholesterol-effects-nicotinic.pdf.jpg2014Transient cholesterol effects on nicotinic acetylcholine receptor cell-surface mobilityAlmarza, Gonzalo ; Sánchez, Francisco ; Barrantes, Francisco José