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phase-ii-study.pdf.jpg2021A phase II study of the pineal hormones melatonin and 5-methoxytryptamine plus cannabidiol in association with angiotensin 1-7 in the treatment of advanced solid tumour patients eligible for the only best supportive careLissoni, Paolo ; Porro, Giorgio ; Messina, Giusy ; Galli, Carla ; Di Fede, Giuseppe ; Valentini, Agnese ; Simoes-e-Silva, Ana Cristina ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
preliminary-study-neuroinmune.pdf.jpg2021A preliminar study of a neuroimmune regimen with lowdose angiotensin 1-7 plus melatonin to improve the safety of covid 19 vaccineLissoni, Paolo ; Rovelli, Franco ; Messina, Giusy ; Monzon, Alejandra ; Colciago, Massimo ; Valentini, Agnese ; Di Fede, Giuseppe ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
preliminary-study-low.pdf.jpg2021A preliminary study of low-dose angiotensin 1-7 plus the pineal hormone melatonin in the treatment of human systemic diseases other than cancer and autoimmune pathologiesLissoni, Paolo ; Porta, Enrica ; Rovelli, Franco ; Messina, Giusy ; Lissoni, Arianna ; Porro, Giorgio ; Porro, Davide ; Di Fede, Giuseppe ; Monzon, Alejandra ; Sassola, Andrea ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
randomized-study-high.pdf.jpg2021A randomized study of high-dose pineal hormone melatonin alone versus high-dose melatonin plus low-dose angiotensin-(1-7) in untreatable advanced cancer patientsLissoni, Paolo ; Porro, Giorgio ; Monzon, Alejandra ; Lissoni, Arianna ; Caddeo, Alberto ; Messina, Giusy ; Di Fede, Giuseppe ; Valentini, Agnese ; Simoes-e-Silva, Ana Cristina ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
angiotensin-1-7.pdf.jpg2021Angiotensin 1-7 as the possible universal panacea of human systemic diseases And potentially the best anti-aging molecule of human bodyLissoni, Paolo ; Messina, Giusy ; Boniardi, Barbara ; Monzon, Alejandra ; Di Fede, Giuseppe ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro ; Colciago, Massimo ; Rovelli, Franco ; Simoes-e-Silva, Ana Cristina ; Marroccoli, Savino ; Pierpaoli, Walter 
how-to-modulate.pdf.jpg2021How to modulate the immunoinflammatory biological response in cancer, autoimmunity and viral infections by a psychoneuroimmune approachLissoni, Paolo ; Brivio, Fernando ; Fumagalli, Luca ; Rovelli, Franco ; Colciago, Massimo ; Messina, Giusy ; Monzon, Alejandra ; Pelizzoni, Francesco ; Lissoni, Arianna ; Porro, Giorgio ; Di Fede, Giuseppe ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro 
psycho-neuroendocrino-immune.pdf.jpg2021Psycho Neuroendocrino Immune (PNEI) therapy of cancer beyond melatoninLissoni, Paolo ; Colgiago, Massimo ; Rovelli, Franco ; Messina, Giusy ; Porro, Giorgio ; Monzon, Alejandra ; Merlini, Desirée ; Di Fede, Giuseppe ; Cardinali, Daniel Pedro